Public Historians as referees

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One of our MA Public History students discusses the role of the Public Historian within this post! Keep up the good work 🙂

Stephanie de Rooij

So, by now I have dropt the word ‘public history’ already quit a few times. You could define this master I follow, as a place where I learn pathways to broadcasting the past and equipping me with professional skills of historical interpretation and communication. But that is what today is all about, the difference between what we historians do between our safe history walls, and what happens ‘out there.’ Because that twilight zone is where we, public historians, roar.

 Public history is the practice of taking history that has been carried out to academic standards, and then rendering it accessible to a wider section of society (public history is seen by some as a ‘democratisation of history’), without jeopardising its scholarly authenticity. Documentaries, radio shows, heritage sites, charities, museums, NGO’s, archives…all of these carry out the work of ‘public history’. 

Public history is consumable history. Consumption is an active, rather…

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