Further Programme Details

MA Public History Further Programme Details

Ma Public History small version of logoOur MA in Public History offers a unique qualification for those wishing to pursue a career in history working in broadcasting or in film, in museums, heritage or in journalism.  The course equips students with professional skills of historical interpretation and communication and provide an opportunity to work alongside leading practitioners in the field from public historians, museum curators, public archivists, publishers and TV and radio producers. This is a unique gateway to the heritage sector and to the popular media, a new MA for historians keen to engage in the modern world.

The MA in Public History is available as a one-year full-time or two-year part-time course.

Courses are taken in the spring and autumn terms. Work for the dissertation is undertaken in the summer.

Students take six mandatory courses:

i. Studying and Communicating the Past introduces students to the range of skills and resources they need to understand and deploy as historians. The course includes guest talks by specialists and practitioners.

ii. History Past and Present: Definitions, Concepts and Approaches is a wide -ranging methodology course that explores the development of History as a discipline and considers the question who and what is history for?

iii. The Public Communication and Understanding of History is an introduction to writing for popular media (journalism, TV and radio). The course will include outside lecturers and a visit to a BBC/independent production company to meet working producers. Alun Lewis, the course leader provides a more detailed account of what students can expect to take away from this course here.

iv. Pathways to the Past has been developed in collaboration with a number of external partner institutions which considers public history in the contemporary world through popular history books, films, exhibitions and national and local memorials

v. The Voice of the Public: Oral History in Public History introduces students to the theory and practice of oral history and develops the skills necessary to conduct and record an audio oral history interview to current broadcast and archiDetailve standards.

vi. The Public History Project Dissertation will provide an opportunity to either research a specific issue or engage with a specific partner institution to produce an exhibition, piece of oral history, a publishable article or radio programme.

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