Graham Smith

Graham Smith is part of the Public History team at RHUL. He is an experienced oral historian and current chair of the Oral History Society.

During the last recession he worked as a freelance researcher, in community education, as well as a tutor in community, continuing and higher education. He also led the development of early community based oral history. His work was featured on radio, television and in the national media. This included contributing to Billy Kay’s ground breaking Odyssey Series that was produced for Radio Scotland and Radio 4 in the early 1980s. He published one of the first articles on public oral history in the Oral History journal, based on an interview with Kay. He would later help to establish the public history section of Oral History.

More recently he has published on the relationship between oral history and public history. Including ‘Toward a public oral history’ in Don Ritchie’s Handbook of Oral History. Along with Anna Green, he also has a chapter in the forthcoming International Public History Handbook on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta based on interviews with key individuals working on 2015 commemoration plans.

Before returning to work in History, he was employed in medical faculties at Sheffield and Glasgow. As well as oral history, his research has been in the history of health and medicine as well as migration and family.

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