Natalie Haly

Having studied History at Royal Holloway for undergraduate, I enrolled on the Public History MA in 2011 to gain a wider appreciation for the way in which history is presented beyond academia. To me, Public History is about developing innovative methods of presenting the past to an ever diversifying public. Public History is all about making history accessible and engaging for all. I am now one of the editors of the Sandpit and am keen to continue exploring the importance of studying Public History whilst helping to create a greater awareness for the work of Royal Holloways public historians.

Whilst studying for the Public History MA I volunteered with the National Trust as a room guide and worked closely with the team at Osterley House to develop my dissertation. This resulted in a new interpretation for their kitchens aimed at children, to help achieve the Trusts wider aim of making their properties more accessible. I also undertook a curatorial placement at the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow where I assisted the team during the HLF redevelopment and reinterpretation of the gallery.

This summer I will be working as a steward at the 55th Venice Biennale in the British Pavilion. I am excited to help maintain an exhibition of Jeremy Deller’s work, the artist who has been selected to represent Britain in this international art festival. Deller’s work often has a distinctive public history element, blending art and history as method of social investigation.

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